Business phone glossary

Our glossary explains basic terms and abbreviations relating to mobile working, the use of smartphones and tablets in the corporate environment (Enterprise Mobility) and security aspects in the use of mobile devices.


Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Provisioning routine for iOS devices

“Device Enrollment Program (DEP)” was the name for an Apple enrollment routine for contactless provisioning of mobile devices running iOS as well as macOS devices.

Today, this routine is called “Automated Device Enrollment” (ADE).

The DEP provides the interface between the device, the enterprise, and the enterprise’s mobile device management software when deploying Apple devices in enterprise use.

This allows corporate IT to configure the devices in a contactless manner, i.e., without physical access to the end device. When the user first goes live, configuration is performed according to corporate guidelines either via WLAN or via mobile data.

Prerequisites for the ADE (formerly Device Enrollment Program)

To use the ADE, companies need …

  • an organization ID. This can be obtained via an account registered with Apple. This in turn requires …
  • a D-U-N-S number (this is an international identification standard for companies).

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