Falk Sonnenschmidt
"We are the disruptors in a 40-year-old industry."—Falk Sonnenschmidt, CRO at Everphone
NIS-2: German "Federal Office for Information Security" may depose CEOs in future
Everphone awarded with the Ecovadis silver medal
Everphone and Check Point offer a joint security solution for mobile devices
Save energy with your smartphone use
Milestone: 300,000 active Everphone users

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Telecoms expense management (TEM): Three critical cost drivers

mdm gdpr

“I don’t give a damn about the GDPR!”

Bring Your Own Device 2022 – a model with a future?

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How do asset management systems and payroll software connect?

Asset management systems and payroll software have different functions, but they're both important business tools. Learn why and how they're connected.
Veritree Everphone

Sustainability: Veritree plants 30 trees for every 12-month rental extension

For every 12-month extension of a device rental, Everphone plants 30 trees.
Fairphone 5

Webinar with Fairphone: Mastering sustainable mobile devices

On March 12, Fairphone hosted an enlightening we}binar dedicated to a topic that concerns us all: the sustainability of mobile devices. Titled "Future-ready IT: Mastering the Sustainability of Mobile Devices," experts from Everphone and Fairphone came together to shed light on the dark corners of sustainable IT practices. Here's a summary of what went down and the insights shared during this informative session.

The right to repair is coming—but what does it mean?

The EU is planning to introduce the right to repair for devices. Find out what this means for manufacturers and consumers.

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Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg in interview: a day in a life of a CFO
Everphone adopts United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles
mdm gdpr
"I don't give a damn about the GDPR!"

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Cybersecurity training

How to upscale your employee cybersecurity training

With cybercrime becoming more sophisticated, it’s essential that cybersecurity training stays up to date—especially for remote employees.
Automating device management workflows

5 steps in automating device management workflows

From a handful to hundreds, managing devices can easily get out of control. The answer? Read our guide to automating device management workflows here.

Device lifespan and the green enterprise: How e-waste reduction contributes to corporate sustainability

An often overlooked factor of corporate sustainability is the lifespan of technological devices.
Falk Sonnenschmidt

“We are the disruptors in a 40-year-old industry.”—Falk Sonnenschmidt, CRO at Everphone

CIOs are increasingly understanding the benefits of applying the principles of cloud computing to end-user computing. A comment.

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Check out our long reads for detailed input on mobile work.