Green-Future-Best-Practices-Award der Deutschen Telekom
Everphone wins Deutsche Telekom's Green Future Best Practices Award 2024
Author: Robert Nagel
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We are extremely happy: Everphone has won the prestigious “Green Future Best Practices Award” from Deutsche Telekom!

Auszeichnung bei der Business-Campus-Fair

On June 4, 2024, our team – consisting of Marc Anger, Jannik Rzyski, and Sandro Nied – was represented at Telekom’s campus fair, the “Telekom Campus Fair”, in Bonn. 

The colleagues received the “Green Future Best Practices Award” in the “Circularity” category. With this award, Deutsche Telekom recognizes partner companies that expand Deutsche Telekom’s portfolio with resource-saving and more sustainable business models.

The Everphone team was handed the award by Arash Ashouriha
(Senior Vice President Group Technology, Deutsche Telekom AG)

With these awards, Deutsche Telekom specifically promotes companies that do outstanding work as innovators, contribute to reducing emissions (Scope 1-3) or drive the transformation to a circular economy (Circularity). Everphone came out on top in the latter category – our approach of using intelligent lifecycle management of company devices to substantially extend their lifespan was thus honored.

“Accelerating our sustainability efforts is about action, not words. It is important to recognize partners who are actively pursuing this path. With our Green Future Best Practice Awards, we recognize partners who are making an outstanding commitment to Deutsche Telekom’s climate goals.”

Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom

This award underlines the fact that Everphone has not only recognized the importance of the circular economy, but is already putting it into practice—the circular economy principle is even decisive for Device-as-a-Service.

You can find out what the circular economy means in relation to mobile devices on our sustainability page and in our detailed sustainability whitepaper, which you can download here free of charge.

Thanks to Deutsche Telekom and the jury

We would like to thank the jury, Deutsche Telekom, and T Business! It is a great honor to be on stage together with industry leaders such as Ericsson, Juniper Networks, Fairphone and Microsoft.

This award encourages us to continue developing and promoting innovative and sustainable solutions. It shows that the path to a more sustainable future is possible—every step, every contribution counts.

Green-Future-Best-Practice-Awards 2024
The winners of the Green Future Best Practice Award 2024

More sustainable use of smartphones, tablets & co

Everphone is actively committed to developing and implementing more sustainable solutions for the lifecycle management of mobile devices. Our goal is to contribute to reducing environmental impact through a circular economy model and to make the resource-conserving use of corporate mobile devices the standard.

Green-Future-Best-Practice-Awards 2024
The award

Winning the Green Future Best Practices Award motivates us to intensify our efforts even further. We are grateful for the recognition of our work. Together with other industry leaders, we are demonstrating that innovative, circular economic models will be decisive for the future of telecommunications.

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