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Smartphone average lifespan

What is the average smartphone lifespan?


9 ways to prevent smishing on your mobile device


Giving your iPhone battery a long lifespan

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Whitepaper: Mobile devices and HIPAA compliance

Whitepaper: Company phones as benefits

Report: Mobile device sustainability


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In the magazine, we publish news about the latest trends and technologies in mobile work. We also post company news and write about sustainability.

Green-Future-Best-Practices-Award der Deutschen Telekom

Everphone wins Deutsche Telekom’s Green Future Best Practices Award 2024

How do asset management systems and payroll software connect?

Veritree Everphone

Sustainability: Veritree plants 30 trees for every 12-month rental extension

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Case studies

How device as a service works in practice

How do you get from conventional procurement to device as a service? What impact might it have on your organization? Read our case studies to find out how it all fits together in the field.

Mazars Germany: “Let everyone do what they do best”

Interhyp Group: mobile infrastructure in 120 locations

Cologne Bonn Airport: cost reduction in mobile device procurement


“Device as a service” is a pretty straight­forward concept—however you might have some que­ries. Browse through our FAQ section for the most common­ly asked ques­tions. And, of course, their answers.


MDM, UEM, MAM, VPP and MCM–do you know what it all means? Our glossary briefly explains important terms relating to company cell phones, enterprise mobility and mobile device management.