Report: Mobile device sustainability

Our report evaluates how smartphones and tablets affect the environment and society in terms of raw material extraction, production, usage, recycling, and disposal. We’ve compiled the latest figures and facts regarding the devices.

Smart devices: facts & figures

Our report analyzes the production and usage of mobile devices and provides recommendations on how to increase sustainability.

Why is that important? Because every year 1.3 billion smartphones are produced. Looking at these numbers, the lifespan and the quota of recycling of these devices are way too low.

Solutions: reduce, reuse, refurbish

At Everphone, we are working to reduce the total number of devices and thus the raw material extraction. At the same time, we want to increase the lifespan of smartphones and tablets as well as the recovery rate of valuable raw materials, such as gold and silver.

We summarize this approach as ‘reduce, reuse, refurbish’. In the sustainabilty report, we present technical, organizational, commercial, and legislative perspectives and options.

Circular economy and 10-year device

‘Refurbishing’ is the technical process of recycling a device to use for one or more cycles. It is an efficient way to immediately increase the lifespan of mobile devices.

Compared to the production of a new device, refurbishing only needs a fraction of the resources and hardly any greenhouse gas emissions occur. Our paper shows how refurbishing and circular economy can work together to bring the sustainability of smartphones and tablets to a new level.

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Report: Mobile device sustainability

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