Buy and rent back (BARB)

Cologne Bonn Airport: cost reduction in mobile device procurement

When buying mobile devices, the airport company could easily plan the initial retail price—but this was followed by costs that were difficult to calculate: unforeseen repairs, the replacement of worn devices, and internal effort. Everphone brought transparency, user choice of model and reduced costs.

Device sourcing

Digitization in public administration: City of Erkelenz

Conventional device purchasing was no longer a solution for the rapidly changing requirements of Erkelenz’s municipal administration.

Device sourcing

Mazars Germany: “Let everyone do what they do best”

Find out how Everphone handles all the processes for procuring and deploying smartphones and tablets for Mazars. Goals: Reduce IT workload, increase device choice, and maintain the highest security standards.

Choose your own device (CYOD)

Interhyp Group: mobile infrastructure in 120 locations

The Interhyp Group is one of the leading providers of construction mortgages in Germany. The company’s priorities were to dramatically reduce the internal resources needed to handle mobile devices.

Device sourcing

James Hardie: relieving the IT of mobile device tasks

Employees at James Hardie rely on powerful smartphones and tablets. Colleagues must be able to work productively from anywhere—the home office, construction sites, in DIY stores, retailers, and more. Everphone helps by sourcing and staging the devices before delivering them directly to the employees.

Device staging

6,000 iPads in five days: boosting employee satisfaction for Henkel

Procuring, configuring and distributing 6,000 iPads is a real challenge—even for large international organizations like Henkel. The aim of this project was to strengthen the corporate culture, train the non-desk workers’ digital skills and increase the resilience of the organization as a whole.


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Henkel rolled out devices in 3 days

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