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We’re here to lighten the load by making it easy and (dare we say) enjoyable for everyone to stay connected at work. By focusing on simplicity, sustainability and integrated solutions that feel a whole lot more human, we’re helping teams all over the world work smarter, not harder, every day.

Welcome to your mobile device solution upgrade–one powered by people.

Circular economy

Making mobile device usage more sustainable

Mobile devices are powerful work tools–but they also have an impact on the environment.

At Everphone, we love the concept of circular economy and applied it to our smartphone and tablet rental service. The idea is to extend the usage of our devices by refurbishing and reusing them.


Mobile device lifecycle

Our goal is to give every device a second lifecycle. At present, this is the case for over 95 percent of our devices. The rest enters a highly efficient recycling process.

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Become a part of a fast-growing team and a progressive vision! Join us on our journey to revolutionize the use of corporate phones and tablets.

If you are driven by ownership and responsibility, you’ve come to the right place. We will support you with space and honest feedback.

Also pancakes.

Our values

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We are Everphone

At Everphone, we focus on collaboration. Simplicity and clarity are key when putting into focus what really matters: our clients. See what drives us and how we’re working on the smartphone of tomorrow.

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Our investors

Everphone raises 270 million Euros in Series D

Everphone doubles its financing volume to € 270 million and secures Citigroup, KfW, and The Phoenix Insurance Company LTD as provider of the financing solution, along with Capnor and their partner Calista as new equity investors.