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Device as a service

Everphone is the all-in-one mobile device solution that works for you

We relieve your organization from all tasks around smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
You will benefit from full lifecycle management, device integration, and end-to-end logistics.



Over 1,000 happy customers can’t be wrong


New work: why smartphones do make a difference

Hiring new talents has become tough—and the task of retaining the same even tougher. Our blog article explains how smartphones contribute to binding employees and enhancing employee satisfaction.

About us

The people behind the service

Vision and mission

We aim to provide the world’s best mobile device service. We offer an user-centric solution that feels human. By focusing on simplicity, sustainability and integrated solutions, we’re digitizing workforces one device at a time, helping teams work smarter, not harder.


Mobile devices consume a lot of resources and energy when being produced. With a circular usage concept, we want to increase smartphone and tablet lifespans—the longer the usage, the smaller the environmental impact.

How device as a service works in practice

How do you get from conventional procurement to device as a service? What impact might it have on your organization? Read our case studies to find out how it all fits together in the field.

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