Integration: Your options

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Which device would you choose?

iOS or Android?
Big or small screen?
Basic camera or multi-lens array?

There are many factors that determine what is the best device for you and your colleagues. When aiming for mobile productivity and the best user experience, users should decide for themselves about their phone or tablet. This is what we make possible with “choose your own device” (CYOD) at Everphone.

How to connect Everphone with your IT service management

Some companies use their own IT service management systems (ITSM). However, most rely on ITSM solutions such as Servicenow, Datanet, Matrix42, Usu, Topdesk, Freshworks, BMC, Serviceware, or Opentext (formerly Micro Focus) – the list is long. Regardless of which ITSM framework your company uses, our API offers a well-structured interface that reliably transfers all service tasks around our rental devices. The data generated from your orders, extensions, upgrades, and cancellations of devices can easily be fed into your system via API: This way, you always have a clear view of all device-as-a-service tasks. No additional tools need to be introduced into your IT landscape.

And this is how the data flows

We offer you a lean REST API as an interface to your ITSM solution.

Asset management with Everphone


An easy and clear solution for asset management is the Everphone portal. Our portal lists rental devices, users, phone tariffs, contract durations, and more (in the admin view). In the user view, your employees can directly report damages or perform device upgrades (if desired).

The portal is available to all organizations. However, if you prefer to use your existing ITSM system for device-as-a-service as well, our REST API supports you in this.



Datanet is a digitalization solution for telecommunications and IT. The handling of billing data and telecom expense management (TEM) is especially simplified by it. Everphone already has an interface to the Datanet solution. You only need to implement the connection here and it’s up and running.


Another common SaaS solution for automating business processes is Servicenow. In the Servicenow app store, we offer you a free module that can be integrated into the flows you define.


REST API for the rest

ITSM solutions can generally handle our REST API without any problems. After an initial set-up, the interface transfers service tasks to us—and from here, Everphone takes care of the operational tasks around your devices.

Your next step

API documentation

Do you want to know what our REST API looks like in detail? No problem—leave your contact details and, if applicable, a message here.

We will get in touch with you promptly. Thank you!