Choose your own device (CYOD)

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Which device would you choose?

iOS or Android?
Big or small screen?
Basic camera or multi-lens array?

There are many factors that determine what is the best device for you and your colleagues. When aiming for mobile productivity and the best user experience, users should decide for themselves about their phone or tablet. This is what we make possible with “choose your own device” (CYOD) at Everphone.

How CYOD works

The idea behind CYOD is simple. Your team can work more efficiently and will be more content with devices and operating systems they already know. Instead of letting IT or Finance decide about phones and tablets, organizations can let employees select the device themselves. Everphone takes care of all the necessary steps. First, a line-up of devices is defined (together with your technical and financial staff).

The line-up will then be presented in a webshop-like user portal. If an employee orders a device, Everphone will send it directly to the user. Everphone rental devices are equipped with an MDM (mobile device management) software. Hence, they can’t only be used on the job, but for private matters as well. You can use your both a private and work phone number on the same device thanks to dual SIM!

Cost control with co–payments

But what if an employee wants a really expensive phone? There’s a simple solution: co–payments. Your company provides a fixed budget per device. If employees want a more expensive phone, they simply cover the difference from their own money.

Read more about CYOD in a case: see how Cologne Bonn Airport equips 500 employees with devices.

Benefits for your organization

Choose your own device is your clever way of turning the company phone into an employee benefit. Excite your employees and boost their productivity at the same time.

Device as a service

Our bestsellers

Everphone offers a “living” portfolio of current Android and iOS devices. We focus on top-class equipment to deliver the optimum user experience to your team. All of our devices are integrated in our comprehensive rental service and will be replaced at no extra charge when broken or defective.

Benefits for your employees

Your colleagues will appreciate having a say in choosing their work devices. In addition, they can use their selected device in their private lives as well. 

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Whitepaper "Mobile Security"

Various privacy acts in the US, the Data Protection Act in the UK or the European “GDPR” regulate the way in which companies may or may not process personal data of their employees. Download our paper to learn how to separate private and business data on any given device and which softwares and apps are problematic in terms of data security.

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