Whitepaper: Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Our whitepaper summarizes all the relevant information on the functions of an MDM: data protection, data security, compliance, separation of business and private data, remote access, asset management, software distribution, and much more.
Whitepaper: Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Whitepaper: Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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Learn in detail:

  • how MDM solutions work
  • how to keep work and private data separate
  • how many devices make sense for an MDM
  • the difference between an MDM software and a container app
Everphone CEO Jan Dzulko

Mobile device management with Everphone

Everphone has been the one-stop solution for company smartphones since 2016, offering an innovative concept for the procurement, management, and integration of mobile devices in the corporate context.

The use of MDM software is a crucial element of this service, as it ensures mobile security, facilitates device management, and ultimately also allows private use of company devices.

Everphone was founded by former CHECK24 chair Jan Dzulko and employs 300 people in Berlin, Munich (Germany) and Miami (FL).

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