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Sustainability: Veritree plants 30 trees for every 12-month rental extension
Author: Robert Nagel
Robert writes for Everphone on all topics related to company, product and devices.
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In our fast-paced world, technology is playing an increasingly important role. Companies are faced with the challenge of integrating sustainability into their operational processes.

This also applies to using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Sustainability for company cell phones & co

Well over 1,000 companies have opted for Everphone, a device-as-a-service (DaaS) provider taking a new approach to IT equipment by renting out these end devices. 

With DaaS, however, the focus is not only on the efficiency of procurement and provisioning processes. Sustainability is also considered right from the start with Everphone’s rental devices. 

  • Rentals are based on demand—unused company equipment and idle resources are a thing of the past. 
  • Equipment returns from terminated rentals are generally refurbished and reused. Only devices where refurbishing is no longer technically feasible are sent for recycling.
  • In general, Everphone rental devices can also be used privately. So you only need one device instead of two. Private and business data are always kept separate—as data protection regulations require. 

It’s about resources

Producing a smartphone consumes a considerable amount of resources, including rare earths and valuable metals such as gold and silver. Production is also associated with high CO2 emissions (approx. 60-90 kg CO2 for a smartphone, 150-200 kg CO2 for a tablet).

Longer use is the motto for devices

Maximizing the lifespan of mobile devices is crucial to making them more sustainable. The longer an IT device is active, the more efficiently the resources required to manufacture it are used. And, of course, the later you need a new device. 

Extension of device rentals

This also applies to Everphone rental devices. Our portfolio offers devices from Apple, Samsung, Google, Nokia, Fairphone, Motorola, and other manufacturers. The rental periods are usually either 24 or 36 months.

Everphone offers you and your employees the opportunity to extend the rental period of your devices by a further 12 months. 

That’s good for us because it simplifies our logistics, it’s good for you because we reduce your rental price when you renew—and it’s good for the environment because the devices are used for longer.

Increasing sense of responsibility among users

Many users and admins have already informed us of their wish to keep the devices in operation for longer—we are responding to this request. 

We even provide an additional incentive: For every extension, Everphone plants 30 trees in collaboration with our partner Veritree. A rental extension is thus not only good for your company’s sustainability balance sheet, but it should also strengthen your employees’ motivation to think about and support the responsible use of mobile technology.

There are two different ways to extend the lease:

  1. Company-wide renewal:
    As an admin or IT manager, you decide that all rental devices are automatically renewed. We then have the trees planted for the entire fleet.
  2. Individual renewal:
    You give each employee the freedom to decide whether they want a new device or to keep their current one. These devices are recorded and Veritree plants the corresponding number of trees each quarter.

Your green footprint becomes visible

As part of this initiative, you will receive an “impact page” on Veritree. On this page, you can track the positive impact that the planted trees have on the environment. It shows the number of trees, the carbon dioxide equivalent, and the size of the reforested forest in hectares. 

As an example, you can take a look at our impact page: 

This offers an excellent opportunity to make your company’s sustainability efforts transparent and tangible.

The reforestation via Veritree can easily be tracked and visualized

Why Veritree?

Veritree is not only responsible for planting the trees, but also monitors their growth, survival, and the socio-economic impact of the reforestation projects. This comprehensive care ensures that each tree brings the greatest possible benefit to the environment and the local community.

Find out more here: 

Communicate your contribution

Everphone provides you with customizable templates that you can use to communicate your initiative internally and externally. You can customize the template with the number of devices, your logo, and an image of your choice to tell your individual story.

How it works

Your Customer Success/Project Manager tracks the number of renewals every quarter and informs Veritree. Veritree will then ensure that 30 trees are planted for every prolonged device. Through this close collaboration, we ensure that every contribution counts and the impact is maximized.

By choosing to extend your device rentals with Everphone, you are making a contribution to environmental protection and promoting a sustainable corporate culture at the same time. 

It’s a win-win situation: You save costs, improve your company’s ecological footprint, and actively support the reforestation of forests. For more information, please contact your account management or our service.

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