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Webinar with Fairphone: Mastering sustainable mobile devices
Author: Robert Nagel
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On March 12, Fairphone hosted a webinar dedicated to a topic that concerns us all: the sustainability of mobile devices. Titled “Future-ready IT: Mastering the Sustainability of Mobile Devices,” experts from Everphone and Fairphone came together to shed light on the dark corners of sustainable IT practices. Here’s a summary of what went down and the insights shared during this informative session.

What was on the agenda?

The 45-minute webinar was packed with information and perspectives. Featuring

  • Alina Hinterberger from Fairphone,
  • Nicole Daschner from Everphone, and
  • moderated by Nathalie Drube,

participants gained insights into the current challenges and solutions in sustainable mobile device usage in the corporate world.

What was discussed?

Nathalie kicked things off with essential technical advice and a warm welcome. She posed the central question of how to consider sustainability and mobile devices together in the corporate realm.

Nicole introduced the concept of “device as a service.” This service places sustainability at its core by moving away from purchasing devices. Instead, devices can be used and and subsequently refurbished for further use. She highlighted the importance of sustainability in IT procurement and pointed out the necessity of incorporating mobile devices into companies’ ESG strategies.

Alina illuminated the rapidly growing challenge of electronic waste and how Fairphone is making a difference through a focus on sustainability, modular design, and fair labor practices in the supply chain. She emphasized the importance of a holistic approach and the need to go beyond mere recycling.

A profound shift

Then the discussion delved deeper into circular economy concepts. Nicole explained what a shift from a linear to a circular economy looks like. Circular economy promotes the continuous reuse of products and materials.

Alina supplemented this by presenting the Fairphone 5 as an exemplary model of a circular smartphone, convincing through durability, the use of recycled materials, and fair mining practices.

Fairphone 5
This is what the Fairphone 5 looks like.

Future outlook

In the webinar’s final segment, the experts looked ahead, discussing current trends such as the rise of “As-a-Service” models and the significance of new EU regulations for a more sustainable future. They particularly emphasized the need …

  • to raise awareness for sustainability in the telecommunications industry and
  • to strive for a shift towards greater longevity and fairness in mobile devices.

Webinar recording

The webinar “Future-ready IT: Mastering the Sustainability of Mobile Devices” offered comprehensive insights into the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of IT and sustainability.

Here, you can find the recording:


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Experts from Everphone and Fairphone highlighted the importance of rethinking the use of mobile devices, providing impulses for a more sustainable approach in the IT world. A successful event that makes it clear that the path to sustainability is challenging but achievable with innovative approaches and commitment.

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