Business phone glossary

Our glossary explains basic terms and abbreviations relating to mobile working, the use of smartphones and tablets in the corporate environment (Enterprise Mobility) and security aspects in the use of mobile devices.




Form factor of mobile devices

A phablet (portmanteau of phone + tablet) is a smartphone with a particularly large display. Usually, models with a screen diagonal between 5 and 7 inches (equivalent to approx. 12-18 cm) are called phablets.

From 7-inch displays, the devices are usually considered tablets. The alternative portmanteau word “smartlet” did not catch on from the start.

With its 8.3-inch diagonal, the iPad mini counts as a tablet.

With the increasing size of smartphone top devices in particular, the use of the term phablet is decreasing as well, although there are more and more models with the outlined specifications. Samsung, for example, also refers to its Galaxy Note-class phablets as smartphones.

Smartphone or tablet?
The Samsung Galaxy Note20 has a screen diagonal of 6.7 inches.