Everphone publishes annual financial statements for 2021

Kicking off the second half of a positive 2022, device-as-a-service pioneer Everphone presents last year's annual report.
  • Annual sales of 19 million euros make 2021 the most successful fiscal year ever
  • Sales growth of over 170 percent compared to the previous year
  • After strong growth in the first half of 2022, management team expects revenue to double

Berlin, July 28, 2022 – At the start of the second half of a positive 2022, device-as-a-service pioneer Everphone presents the previous year’s annual report: with 19 million euros in revenue, 2021 is the most successful year to date for the company, which was founded in 2016 – and proof of a promising business concept.

The sustainable business model with a future

Everphone’s concept offers companies flexibility, reliability and an easier way to manage mobile devices. From procurement and configuration for all employees to setup, maintenance and repair.

This not only conserves internal IT capacity, but also creates a more sustainable way of using devices: Lifetime is extended, CO2 emissions and waste are reduced. The company recently made a successful entry into the U.S. market. For its further growth, it raised 177 million euros in equity and debt capital in a Series C financing round at the end of last year. Profitability is set to be achieved in 2023.

Everphone CEO Jan Dzulko

Profitable in core business

While many startups and digital companies with business ideas and growth are currently under severe pressure, the device-as-a-service pioneer offers investors an attractive business model with a future. Making the resource “smartphone” usable for longer means saving resources and ultimately money. Especially today, in frugal times, this business model helps all parties involved.

As a reliable infrastructure provider for more than 1,000 companies and over 220,000 devices, Everphone records high user satisfaction, lower turnover and long-term customer loyalty.

“Everphone has shown uncharacteristically strong but sustainable growth in recent years, even for startups: We are confident that we are meeting market demand with our offering, and keeping the company on track for success with our services and our digital solutions.”

Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg, CFO and Managing Director of Everphone

Strong service meets strong partners

Key partnerships like with Deutsche Telekom, good relationships and diversity from high-end devices like from Samsung and Apple have fueled the growth of the former startup.

“We are happy to have strong partners on our side who recognized the potential of Phone-as-a-Service early on and support us. Beyond that, however, this result is due to each and every one of the Everphone team. Without their dedication and constant commitment, such success would not have been possible.”

Jan Dzulko, Founder and CEO of Everphone

Workplace with perspective

Due to its continuous growth, Everphone is still looking for experts and talents to expand its international team of over 250 people, and lateral hires are also welcome. The focus is on Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Tech, German offices are located in Berlin and Munich and remote work is also possible.

More information and open positions can be found here.

About Everphone

Everphone is the all-in-one solution for corporate devices. Since 2016, the company has offered a combined end-to-end service to its B2B clients, comprising procurement, staging, rollout and management of smartphones and other devices. Its “Device as a Service” (Daas) concept gives employees a choice of smartphones to choose from; allows flexible upgrades and the simple replacement of devices, and includes GDPR-compliant mobile device management (MDM) software. Its portfolio includes devices from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Google and Fairphone.

Since 2020, Everphone has been an official partner of Samsung Electronics’ DaaS strategy in Germany. Everphone was founded by former CHECK24 executive Jan Dzulko and employs around 300 people in Berlin, Munich and Miami, Florida. Everphone customers include numerous start-ups and SMEs as well as global players such as Henkel, Ernst & Young, Gorillas and TIER Mobility. Its Investors include Dr. Heinrich Blase (founder of Check24), Kevin Ryan (founder of MongoDB), signals Venture Capital, Deutsche Telekom and UniCredit.

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