Business phone glossary

Our glossary explains basic terms and abbreviations relating to mobile working, the use of smartphones and tablets in the corporate environment (Enterprise Mobility) and security aspects in the use of mobile devices.




Canadian technology company

Blackberry Limited is a Canadian former manufacturer of smartphones, an MDM provider and a provider of a solution for unified endpoint management.

Blackberry Smartphones

Blackberry is best known for its product of the same name. The first model appeared in 1999. Blackberry aimed its product design primarily at business customers and was known for many years as the smartphone with the keyboard, as one of the central product features was a hardkey keyboard. However, there were also models with a touch display.

Smartphone production to cease in 2020

Blackberry devices have been produced in an OEM joint venture with the manufacturer TCL since 2016. TCL announced in the summer of 2020 that it did not want to renew the licence, which the Canadian company Blackberry confirmed on Twitter. To date (as of 7/2021), Blackberry has not announced a subsequent licensee for smartphone production.

Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Suite (MDM)

Blackberry also offers software solutions for Enterprise Mobility Management. The Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Suite integrates functions for managing desktop and mobile end devices in companies (Mobile Device Management).

In addition, the Blackberry suite also offers functions for mobile application management, deployment, compliance management and IT security.

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