Replacing an iPad Pro battery: Costs and more

This article explores the advantages of replacing an iPad Pro battery compared to purchasing a new one. You'll learn how the replacement is carried out, what costs to expect, and where you can save. Here, you'll also gain valuable insights into solutions for business devices.
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It’s a day like any other. You want to use your iPad, but after five minutes, the screen goes black. Or perhaps a colleague has come to you with this issue, seeking your advice? There can be various reasons for this problem: A cracked iPad screen, a malfunctioning iPad Pro charging port, a damaged chip, and more. 

However, you’ve clicked on this article, so you’ve likely already identified that the issue is a faulty battery. But what now? Can you replace an iPad Pro battery, and what are the (financial and time) costs involved?

Why replacement is better than buying new

Your iPad Pro has a weak battery, and it’s just not working properly anymore. So, should you get it replaced or buy a new iPad? Hold on! Before you opt for a new device, consider replacing the battery first.

It’s not only a more cost-effective option but also environmentally friendly. Replacing the battery extends the lifespan of your iPad and conserves resources by allowing you to continue using it. Plus, you keep the device you’re already familiar with, customized to your preferences over a long period, and avoid the learning curve of a new iPad Pro.

By choosing a battery replacement, you not only save money but also contribute positively to our planet. Discarded electronic devices contribute to the growing problem of electronic waste globally. Every device we use for a longer duration makes a difference! Replacing an iPad Pro battery is a small step with a significant impact. Imagine the resources we could save if more people made this choice!

Additionally, battery replacement offers a fantastic opportunity to extend the life of your device. A new battery can breathe new life into your iPad Pro, restoring its performance to like-new levels. With a replacement battery, you can enjoy the familiar performance and avoid the hassle of transitioning to a completely new device.

Even for company-owned devices, choosing repair can result in substantial cost savings. While it may involve some effort, we’ll show you a more straightforward solution below.

ipad Pro Akku tauschen Kosten
iPads are versatile and can be used for a wide range of tasks, thanks in part to accessories like this one.

How to replace an iPad Pro battery

The first step in replacing the battery is deciding whether you want to do it yourself or consult a professional. 

Replacing the battery yourself

There are many online guides for the DIY method. But be warned: it requires skill and the right tools. If you choose this route, make sure to get a high-quality replacement part and the necessary tools. 

Be aware that you might get in trouble: First, the complexity of the repair and the fact that access to original replacement parts is often limited for ordinary consumers. 

Additionally, the DIY repair is not without risks, for both you and the device. Therefore, the DIY route can lead to the loss of warranty if something goes wrong, and you would be responsible. Hence, we generally advise against self-replacement.

Getting the battery replaced by professionals

If you want to play it safe, going to a specialist is the better choice. Authorized Apple service providers have the necessary experience and use original parts, which is crucial for the longevity of your iPad. 

For this type of repair, you can schedule appointments directly with Apple or with a certified service provider. Visit the Apple website to book an appointment or find an authorized service provider near you. 

Remember to back up your data beforehand—just for safety. The replacement itself is usually done quickly, and you will be kept informed about the progress.

Cost of iPad Pro battery replacement

The cost of replacing an iPad Pro battery depends on several factors, specifically how you choose to proceed with the replacement. 

First, there’s the question of whether you replace the battery yourself or have it done by a professional. In the DIY approach, the costs are generally lower, as you only pay for the replacement part. But don’t forget to consider the cost of tools, your time, and potential risks. 

Battery replacement directly from Apple

Apple offers a fixed price, which is usually slightly higher. However, you get quality and safety. The cost of replacing the battery of an iPad Pro out of warranty typically falls in the mid-three-digit range. This fee covers both the replacement part and the labor. 

Please note: If your iPad Pro is still under warranty or covered by AppleCare+, the battery replacement is significantly cheaper or even free, depending on certain conditions. So, don’t forget to check the warranty status before making a decision.

Battery replacement with third-party providers

If you’re considering a third-party provider, the costs can vary. Some independent repair services offer lower prices than Apple. But it’s essential to consider the quality of replacement parts and the experience of the service provider. 

Be sure to read reviews and thoroughly research the service. Because if it’s not an authorized Apple service provider, you also risk losing the warranty here. 

In both cases, battery replacement is always more cost-effective than buying a new iPad Pro. It’s an investment worth making to keep your device in top shape. This also applies to your employees’ devices in the company.

iPad Pro Akku tauschen Kosten

Company iPads: Is there an easier way?

Managing devices and their repairs, security, etc., in businesses can be considerably more complex. The iPad Pro can’t be away for too long because the employee needs to remain operational. And the replacement of the iPad Pro battery must comply with data protection regulations. These considerations and more consume a significant amount of valuable time for the IT team.

That’s why Everphone offers you the option to rent company iPads (including many helpful services), giving your team time for other crucial tasks in the company.

Instead of investing in expensive hardware that quickly becomes outdated or needs repairs, you gain access to the latest iPad Pro models, ensuring that you’re always up-to-date with technology.

If a battery weakens or other issues arise (front glass broken …), Everphone simply and swiftly replaces the device. No long waiting times for repairs or complicated exchange processes. You receive a new device, allowing your employees to continue working without interruption.

This not only saves time but also money by minimizing productivity losses. Additionally, the usual costs for maintenance and repairs that would occur with your own devices are eliminated.

In the meantime, the old device is repaired in the background and given another lifecycle. Thus, no resources are wasted in this approach.

And before the iPad Pro’s battery is replaced or the device changes hands, all data on it is deleted according to the standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security.

Talk to our expert team to get more info and a non-binding quote.


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