Working at Everphone: Quotes from our Colleagues
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Who actually works at Everphone and what do they do? Podcast specialist Jakub Slawinski was in our office with the microphone, capturing a few quotes from our colleagues. Why don’t you listen in!

Colorful bunch with a vision

More than 200 people work at Everphone – a colorful bunch united by a common vision.

With colleagues from all over the world, we are tackling the revolution of the “company cell phone” concept. Not just because it’s a clever business idea, but because our society urgently needs to develop a more sustainable use of smartphones. And very soon.

Podcast with Everphone employees

Jakub Slawinski captured what drives our employees and how our organization is structured at Everphone.

In the podcast, they give impressions of our everyday work, our corporate philosophy, and our plans for the future (keyword: world domination ).

Happy listening!


  • 00:13 – The Story of Everphone
  • 05:51 – People & Culture
  • 12:06 – Operations
  • 14:45 – Tech & Product
  • 19:15 – Sales
  • 24:01 – Finance & Accounting

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