Shipping terms

Everphone always ships devices insured by DHL. In Germany, shipping via DHL usually takes two days.

In the event of damage, you can usually expect the replacement device to arrive 72 hours after you report the damage, or even sooner under favorable circumstances. The delivery time of the replacement device to your desired address also depends on your address.

In case of remote locations (e.g. remote islands), deliveries abroad as well as unforeseen events (e.g. strike, severe weather, zombie apocalypse etc.), longer delivery times may occur, which are not the fault of Everphone and for which we cannot be held liable.


In case of damage or termination of the device rental, we will provide you with a DHL shipping label free of charge.

Shipping costs

Shipping and return shipping of devices is generally free of charge for our customers.

Insured shipping

All shipped equipment is insured during transport by DHL.

Custom addresses

We are happy to ship new deliveries and replacement units to addresses outside your company’s headquarters. Simply enter a delivery address of your choice during the order process.

Custom addresses might be limited to certain countries.

Related FAQs

How does choosing a refurbished device/extending my rental lower the environmental impact?

The benefits of longer usage and refurbished devices in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions, water usage and the usage of raw materials.

Why should I extend my rent?

Extending your rental to 36 months makes it more sustainable.

How sustainable is the Everphone service and what is its impact on my carbon footprint?

At Everphone, we do our best to provide a sustainable service for mobile device use.

Can employees buy equipment from terminated rentals?

Yes, they can.

How much is the device exchange?

Replacement devices are free of charge in the event of a defect.

What happens with the returned devices?

Most of them are being refurbished and reused.

What else do you want to know?

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