Milestone: 300,000 active Everphone users
Author: Robert Nagel
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The demand for a comprehensive service for company devices is ever growing. Everphone is happy about 300,000 active users.

300,000 times “use, not own”

Everphone has been focussing on business clients since 2018. Set out to revolutionize the way in which smartphones and tablets are handled in the corporate context, the Berlin-based company acquired 1,000 client organizations in 2021. Now, the company reached another milestone with 300,000 active users.

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Everphone customers include many start-ups such as Gorillas or MILES Mobility, as well as craft enterprises, educational and social institutions, public sector administrations, logistics companies, utility companies and manufacturing industries from the SME sector. Global players such as Ernst & Young or TIER Mobility also use Everphone’s practical company phone service.

Everphone was founded by former CHECK24 board member Jan Dzulko. Everphone employs over 300 people in Berlin, Munich (Germany) and Miami (FL).

Towards a more sustainable use of mobile devices

300,000 active users also means that all the mobile devices in the process are rolled out in a sustainably designed circular economy model. Everphone does not simply dispose of discarded devices, but for the most part refurbishes them and integrates them into a second usage cycle.

From an ecological point of view, reusing a refurbished mobile device makes far more sense than producing a new one. The average saving of 58 kg CO2 emissions per smartphone (compared to new production) adds up to 17,400 tons of CO2 for 300,000 devices.

Read more about the sustainable use of mobile devices in our “Mobile Device Sustainability Report”.

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