Should you buy a new or a recycled phone?

When it comes to a company or a large organization, one of the major challenges that it faces lies in procuring the right phones, tablets, and even laptops for its employees. Given the competition that you are bound to face, you may want to keep your costs down. And that's why you need to search online before you buy a phone or recycled device.

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For a company or a large organization, one of the major challenges is procuring the right phones, tablets, and even laptops for its employees. Given the competition that you are bound to face, you may want to keep your costs down. And that’s why you need to search online before you buy a phone or recycled device.

The search results should enable you to seek providers who can supply you with workable phones that can be effectively reconfigured and even recycled. Just search for ‘buy phone and recycling’, and you should be able to locate a reliable provider. Now, you can provide your employees with essential tools to help them compete better and be more productive.

Why a recycled phone makes more sense

If you are operating a large organization, you will find that the operational costs of procuring mobile devices far exceed your margins. And one of the effective ways of cutting back on costs would be to buy recycled phones/ tablets/ laptops and other peripherals for your employees.

Of course, your employees would be required to return them in prime condition before leaving your employment. And you will find that this option provides you with better mobile device management options as well.

The point is that when you buy recycled phones, you should be able to integrate the devices better with your organization. Moreover, you should be able to cut back on expenses. And review the peripherals to ensure that they contain all the required apps the employee would require to function effectively in your company.

You could always let your employees utilize their own devices, but that option would only result in various troubleshooting issues. And resolving the same is bound to cause your operating costs to jump up. That’s why you need to opt to buy recycled phones.

Buy a phone or recycling old smartphones—who does it and why?

Most organizations strive to trim down operational costs to compete better. Most of them opt to recycle their old smartphones. Fiscally speaking, it makes for the better option because it enables these companies to keep down costs and unnecessary expenses—while increasing their profits at the same time.

Given the inflated costs that most new smartphones are sold under, it makes sense to rent or buy recycled devices. For starters, several key organizations provide mobile management services. Usually, these companies provide you with end-to-end device management, apart from free troubleshooting options. Moreover, they enable you to recycle your old smartphones after use.


When it comes to it, the notion of buying a recycled mobile phone is a good one. It can help you manage your finances better while also being helpful for the environment. While you can always ask your employees to use their own devices, you will find it better to provide your employees with it.

Companies like Cashify, Karma and others should help you recycle your old mobile phone. And others (like Everphone) provide “device as a service”. We can help you manage your devices and peripherals more effectively and recycle them after use.

Why bother to go in for recycling of mobile phones?

Here are some of the key advantages to recycling your old mobile phones, especially in a growing company. As mentioned earlier, it helps to downsize your operational budget while limiting any unnecessary expenses. It should also help you to manage all these devices better and more effectively.

Providing your employees with the right tools, such as a work phone, makes for sound logic. But even better, as your old employees leave your company and new ones take their place, you can recycle their old work phones, spruce them up and then hand them over to the new employees.

On the one hand, you would be providing your new employees with tools that they would need to work better. And on the other, you should be able to micro-manage the device effectively and even assess your employees’ performance, as required.

Recycling of mobile phones: What are the other advantages?

When it comes to the question of recycling of mobile phones, you would often find that it makes better sense. Sure, on the one hand, with new phones, you tend to get warranty coverage. But on the flip side, a device with a warranty rarely amounts to much. And you can bet your last dime that your phone would start to develop various issues when the warranty period runs out.

Recycling your old phone allows you to go for a complete reset. So you can reuse the device and hand it over to your new employees. Just remember to search online for key organizations that specialize in “device as a service” and enable you to recycle your old mobiles effectively.

One main advantage of recycling mobile phones is that there is no wastage. You would be doing a complete reset on the phone, taking out the SIM and SD memory cards. You would need to wipe out the old memory before you reinstall and hand it over to the new employee. And here’s the rest –

  • Recycling mobile phones enable you to save on power
  • Reusing your old mobile phone should help prevent hazardous materials from leaching into the ground soil. Example of such materials are Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and Brominated Flame retardants.
  • You get to lower the operational costs of your organization.
  • You should be able to secure your data and key information better.

Recycling phones in Germany

When it comes to recycling, most European nations tend to lead by example, starting with Germany. Here, customers can walk into select stores, drop their old mobiles into the automated machine, and get them assessed. In return, they receive a cash voucher.

According to the latest stats, nearly 41 million devices, from smartphones to other peripherals, are expected to be sold this year. With most customers opting to purchase the latest model from Samsung, Apple etc., one can see why companies may want to buy a refurbished mobile phone.

With the latest smartphone from Samsung costing around $279 and the one from Apple hitting the boards at $999, the price tag increases year on year. Companies might opt for the mid-range ones for their employees. They would still find that the operational costs far exceed their plans. And that’s why it makes more sense to buy a refurb mobile phone.

Where can I recycle my old phone?

When it comes to the recycling of mobile phones, the main issue is where you can recycle your old phone effectively. You would need a place to assess your old phone and, in turn, offer you a fair rate. Sure, you are bound to come across several ads that claim that their company does just that. But more often than not, you would find that the company in question is nothing but a rip-off.

To ensure that you get a fair assessment and a fair rate, you need to verify the company’s background. Check out its customer reviews, as these should help clue you in. Most organizations are bound to offer you a cash discount or a voucher that you can utilize against other purchases.

And then, there are companies that provide you with “device as a service”. Here, your old phone gets refurbished and transformed overnight. The last option would make more sense. Especially if you are in the process of providing your employees with a viable work phone.

Recycled smartphones: Where are they sold?

When it comes to getting a few recycled smartphones for your employees, you need to begin searching online. Several organizations provide you with recycled mobile phones and even help you recycle your current ones at a low cost. The added advantage is that such services enable you to manage these devices effectively

Given that smartphones and other devices are bound to see a sharp uptick over the next five years, you should be able to see a corresponding increase in recycled smartphones sold the world over. For example, if you were to recycle one million smartphones, you should be able to recover 75 pounds of Gold, 772 pounds of Silver, 33 of Palladium and 35,274 pounds of copper. Apart from these, the smartphone also contains rare earth minerals, as well as hazardous substances such as Mercury and Lead.

These stats should inform you why recycling a mobile phone is healthy for the environment. So the next time you are set on purchasing a few phones for your employees, you can begin searching for recycled phones online. You must select a reputable company to buy the recycled and refurbished phones from. Since you would use them for work.

How much is a refurbished smartphone?

Given that there are various models available, with various brands hogging the top-end section, a nice refurbished phone should cost between $150 and $300. But it all comes down to the model, the specs and add on features that you opt for. They are bound to impact the overall price tag.

When it comes to refurbed mobile costs, it will vary depending on the model you select. Moreover, some top mobile companies have started offering refurbished phones at a lower cost. But it also needs to be pointed out that a refurbished phone may not come with an extended warranty, as the original one does.

Given that, it may make sense to opt for those companies that offer “phone as a service” and rental options since they would recycle, refurbish old phones, and provide the same for use by your organization. It would make sense to opt for something similar, as it can help you shave off the unnecessary expense.


Given the additional expenses of purchasing a brand new mobile phone for your employees – it makes more sense to go for refurbished mobiles. And if you are worried about data security, you should know that several organizations offer to wipe down data and effectively refurbish your old phone at little cost.

Moreover, these companies provide “phone as a service” and enable you to manage your phone easily and effectively. After all, you need your employees to be more productive, and a refurbed mobile phone may be what your company needs at the moment.

Check out our comprehensive report about sustainability of mobile devices.


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