Where, why and how should we recycle old smartphones?

What to do with old phones? Where can I recycle my old smartphone? What can I do with my old phone used for work? Is there any disposal for old phones? Who deals with recycling old phones? Read this article and learn more about recycling old phones!
alte smartphones recyceln
alte smartphones recyceln
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Places for recycling old mobile phones

With the rapid progress of technology and abundant supply of cell phones, it’s acceptable that we want only the best technology, including phones with the best features. We are aware that phones don’t last too long, a maximum of 3 years, and then we throw them away. We’ll tell you why throwing away your old phone is the worst thing you can do.

But, then another question arises. What shall one do with the old phone if you don’t throw it away? We must think about our planet Earth and our environment. “Cell phones, like most electrical devices, contain toxic substances (lead, nickel, mercury, and chromium, to name a few) that can harm the environment, wildlife, and even humans if left to degrade in landfills. That’s why it’s so important to recycle—or, better yet, find a way to reuse—old cell phones.”

One can gift the old phone to someone else, but what if the old phone isn’t for us anymore? Simply throwing it into the garbage bin isn’t ecologically acceptable. We should find places where we can recycle our old smartphones. Destroying your old phones with a hammer isn’t a solution at all because your data can be restored, and it does more damage to the environment due to the possibility of leakage of hazardous substances.

There are disposal centres that handle the recycling of old smartphones. That’s why we should look for local places where we can recycle our old smartphones. They usually have a mobile recycle automat where we can dispose of our phones. Those phones will be sent to the recycling centres that carry out safe recycling services. This means that they safely dispose of hazardous substances from cell phones. However, before disposing of your old phones into the mobile recycle automat, you should back up your data and remove it completely from your device. If you don’t know how to do that, a check-up from the recycling centres can do it for you.

recycle old smartphones

Here, at Everphone, we also offer the service of recycling old phones. Whether you rent a phone from us or use your own phone for the company, Everphone is also the place where you can avail old phones. We also refurbish them for reuse again, if possible. You don’t have to be worried about your data, alldata is encrypted and removed from your old phone. Moreover, you can even bring your damaged and broken phone as there could  still be a possibility of taking out valuable materials from your old phone.

Why should you recycle your old smartphone?

First of all, phones contain some hazardous substances and can cause a lot of damage both to us humans and the environment we live in. That should be a sufficient reason to recycle our old smartphones. To put it in another way, when you throw your phone into the trash, it’s treated as any other garbage and thus, it’s burned or ends up in a landfill. By burning, cell phones release toxic elements into the air. We really don’t want to breathe in those toxic substances, do we? Even more damage is done when you place it on the soil because soil absorbs those toxic elements and makes itself futile and poisonous.

When recycling our old cell phones, we also lower the amount of waste because they are made of glass, plastic, and metals, including gold and platinum. All in all, phones are made of mostly recyclable materials. There are even companies that make eco-friendly phones by making phone production more sustainable, economically, and environmentally acceptable. These eco-friendly phones are made of recycled materials and bio-plastic, or any material that can be recycled and reused again. Moreover, since it reduces the waste, it also reduces the pollution, which again leads to fewer health issues.

Recycling old smartphones is economically sensible in many ways. There is no need to make new materials if we can reuse older ones for the same purposes. Also, there is no need for material mining since the old ones are reused for creating new ones. In addition to this, recycling old mobile phones lowers the consumption of electrical energy as well as making new phones from recycled materials which use less energy. Nevertheless, you can earn some money when recycling mobile phones. There are some recycling centers that give you some money when you bring your old phones.

List of reasons why you should recycle old smartphones

Here’s the list of the reasons for recycling old mobile phones:

  • You care about our planet
  • Reduces the amount of waste which leads to less pollution
  • Toxic substances are safely removed from phone
  • Materials from your phone can be reused again
  • Is economically sensible
  • Making phones from recycled materials saves up electrical energy
  • There’s no need for material mining
  • You can earn some cash when you recycle your phone
  • Reduces health issues

Which materials can be retrieved when we recycle old smartphones?

Not all people are aware of which resources are hidden in their cell phones, be it iOS or Android. However, you can’t get rich by extracting that material just from one phone. It’s worthwhile only when many old phones are recycled. We should also be careful where we send our phones for recycling. By this, we don’t mean just about the quality of service, but who does the service. You really don’t want some children to illegally deal with removing those toxic substances. Recycling old phones should be done by experts who will do it safely.

According to the BBC Future, “one million mobile phones could deliver nearly 16 tonnes of copper, 350kg of silver, 34kg of gold and 15kg of palladium.” They also state that “a typical iPhone is estimated to house around 0.034g of gold, 0.34g of silver, 0.015g of palladium and less than one-thousandth of a gram of platinum. It also contains the less valuable but still significant aluminium (25g) and copper (around 15g).” This may be the reason why having a durable iPhone is prestigious.

By recycling old phones, we reuse all those materials again, especially those rare materials, such as neodymium and cerium. With this, we save minerals from digging. We have to be aware that sources of minerals can’t last forever. That’s why we should recycle our smartphones instead of storraging our old phones.

Here’s the answer to the question – Which materials can be retrieved when recycling an old mobile phone? Besides plastic, glass and ceramics, there are other materials used for making phones (up to 60 types of materials, depending on the phone). Those are copper, aluminium, iron, palladium, silver, gold, tantalum, cobalt, tin, gallium, indium, and some rare raw elements. Just in one single phone! Maybe this will make you rethink throwing out your old smartphone. Recycle it or use it until it’s completely broken. Don’t let those valuable materials be in your drawers when they can be reused again.

recycle old smartphones
Old company phones

Recycle your old smartphones at Everphone

If you aren’t familiar with our work, we, at Everphone, treat phones as a service for businesses. This means a phone is a useful tool that facilitates your work. With Mobile Device Management (MDM), a dual software on your phone, your company data is completely protected when you use a company phone for private use.

As it is said, with the consistent and persistent progress of technological development, we want the best devices for us, especially for our work. At Everphone, you can rent a phone or even install MDM on the phone you already own. Why should you rent a phone? The answer is simple. It is more cost effective and benefits the environment. When you want a new phone, you return the phone you have to Everphone, and then we properly recycle your old smartphone.

You won’t have a stash of old phones in your drawers by recycling old phones. Recycling old phones at Everphone is also available even for those who aren’t our clients. This means that we, at Everphone, pay you for your old mobile phones. This is also good because you aren’t just doing a favour to your only planet Earth, but you can earn some money from recycling old phones.


Recycle your old smartphone! There’s no excuse for not doing that. Don’t let those valuable materials lay there in your drawers. Think about planet Earth. Recycling old phones reduces waste, pollution, and health issues, saves minerals and other materials, and saves energy and money. Contact local centres for recycling or contact Everphone. You can even earn some cash when you bring your old phone. We can safely remove your data before recycling or refurbishing your old smartphone. Recycle old smartphones!

Check out our comprehensive report about sustainability of mobile devices.


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