Why should you get loan out phones for your employees?

If you need to provide your employees with mobile devices should you buy or rent? What is the safest, most convenient and financially viable option? In this blog we’ll explore why it is often better to get loan out phones for your employees.

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If you need to provide your employees with mobile devices should you buy or rent? What is the safest, most convenient and financially viable option? In this blog we’ll explore why it is often better to get loan out phones for your employees.

What does it mean to rent your mobile phones?

Whatever the size of your organization you will probably rely on smartphones for your business operations. Everyday employees will communicate and complete tasks on their mobile phones. While it may be convenient for employees to use their high-end personal smartphones it is probably not the most secure or effective way to do business. This is where loan out phones can make a big difference.

Instead of breaking the bank and buying all your employees expensive company phones, you can now rent mobile phones in bulk from specialist suppliers that understand your business and security needs.  If you decide to just borrow or buy mobile phones you won’t be able to evolve your suite of phones in the same way as you can through a renting service.

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With this kind of service businesses can allow their employees to choose their own device. This level of employee empowerment can be key to improving efficiency and staff satisfaction. Overall, this can allow your business to gain a competitive advantage over companies that use an outdated company phone system or have no mobile phone service in place.

What are the advantages of renting your mobile phones?

Lighten the workload for IT

Renting your mobile phones is a good way of lightening your IT department’s workload. In many cases, if you choose to buy a batch of phones outright, IT departments will have to deal with procurement and maintenance. This can be a time-consuming and resource-sapping process that does not always result in gains for your business.

However, when you choose loan out phones your IT department will not have to worry about many of these common issues. For example, some phone renting services will be able to take care of the procurement, integration and maintenance of your mobile phone fleet.

You will be able to outsource all tasks related to mobile devices and allow your IT department to focus on more important tasks.

Ensure mobile security with loan out phones

Mobile security is all about being free from any danger or risk of data loss. When so much work is conducted via smartphones, you need to be able to maintain consistent security and privacy standards across all the mobile devices that interact with your company’s data.

When you use loan out phones you can ensure that every device is controlled through the same kind of security and antivirus programs. You can also reduce the likelihood of compliance issues that may arise when employees are just using their standard personal phones for company business.

Loan phones: A sustainable option

When you equip your employees according to their needs you will be able to be economic with your resources and make more sustainable choices. If you rent mobile phones you will be able to ensure that only the devices you actually need stay in circulation. You can limit waste and any unnecessary expense.

Loan out phones can also be used for personal and professional use which means that employees only need to own one phone. Employees can find the device that is right for them and use it throughout their time at your company.

Inspire employees

Renting phones gives your employees an added element of freedom and empowers them to work the way they want. Cell phone leasing is pretty common in the corporate world but often employees get saddled with out-of-date tech or brands that aren’t a natural fit.

With loan out phones you can take a more tailored approach and match your device to your employees needs and personalities. This in turn will enable employees to truly express themselves and communicate through devices that can maximize their skills.

The ideal loan phone service

As you can see, renting smartphones for your employees is often the most convenient, financially-viable and sustainable option. With loan out phones you can allow employees to choose the device that suits them and their needs. You can also keep a tight rein on security and compliance issues without overextending your IT department.

Learn more about mobile device management here:

This ‘Device as a Service’ system equips your employees with the best tech and ensures that businesses are using their resources as economically as possible. This loan out phone is a trend among modern organizations, especially small-medium sized businesses, and its success in recent years indicates that it is a trend that is here to stay.

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