How to use mobile collaboration tools to enhance productivity

Learn why the smartphone is now an indispensable asset in the world of work and how mobile collaboration tools can help improve productivity in your business.
Mobile collaboration tools
Mobile collaboration tools
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While many benefits come with the rise of remote work and online collaboration possibilities, there are some challenges, too. Predominantly, businesses now have to devise and organize collaborative workflows that transcend geographical barriers and time zones.

Mobile collaboration tools

By now, we are all familiar with online collaboration tools and the revolutionary effect they’re having on the world of work. In 2024, the latest trend is mobile-first collaboration tools. Using smartphones for online collaboration benefits both the frontline workforce and managerial team members and creates a more cohesive online team.
So, if you’re a business trying to make the most of online collaboration and increase productivity, you’ll want to rent a phone for each of your staff and learn about mobile collaboration. In this article, we’ll cover what mobile collaboration tools are, why you need them now more than ever, and how they’ll benefit your business.

The rise of mobile collaboration tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global shift towards hybrid work dynamics. Since then, businesses have started to realize the potential of online collaboration and work mobility.

Using the many tools available today, businesses can build cohesive workforces regardless of the geographic location of their team members. Employers have more choice when employing from international talent pools. Work mobility is hugely popular with frontline workers, too, helping to improve work-life balance and overall job satisfaction.

Online collaboration is changing the world of work and in the coming years, the most successful companies will be those most able to embrace its possibilities. Currently, mobile collaboration is proving to be one of the most effective online workforce optimization strategies

If you’re looking to amplify the benefits of online collaboration, mobile-first collaborative workflows are the logical next step.

What are mobile collaboration tools?

Mobile collaboration tools are a subset of online collaboration tools designed specifically for use on smartphones or tablets. There is a huge variety of tools like this available, ranging from conversational AI technology to simple file-sharing platforms.

These tools help facilitate teamwork and communication among individuals who are often on the go. So, team members can contribute to projects, participate in discussions, and share resources anytime, anywhere.

Essentially, they help team members to keep on top of things even when they’re away from their desks.

Mobile collaboration tools
Remote work and “working on the go” are a given for many employees already.

How mobile collaboration tools help improve productivity

These tools will allow teams to complete complex tasks quickly while keeping in touch throughout the process. Yes, the boost in productivity is great. But the greatest benefit is the ability to reshape your business to operate at a higher level.

For instance, a digital contact center solution helps a call center to improve call quality, personalization, and customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, it lets the call center enjoy the benefits of an international talent pool, and the employees enjoy hybrid work opportunities.

Example of a digital contact center solution

Beyond this, there are a number of more general benefits to productivity, too. Here are a few ways mobile collaboration tools help improve productivity:

  1. Increase flexibility and accessibility: Employees can work from anywhere, whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go. This flexibility allows for greater responsiveness to business needs and client demands.
  2. Improve productivity: Employees can stay connected and productive even when away from their desks. They can quickly respond to emails, participate in discussions, and access necessary documents, leading to more efficient workflows.
  3. Enhance communication: Mobile collaboration tools facilitate real-time communication among team members. Instant messaging, video conferencing, and collaborative document editing promote seamless communication and collaboration.
  4. Cost savings: Businesses can reduce expenses associated with office space and infrastructure. Remote work options can lead to lower overhead costs and increased operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to higher profitability.
  5. Talent attraction and retention: Offering the flexibility to work remotely can make a business more attractive to top talent. Additionally, providing employees with tools that support work-life balance can improve job satisfaction and employee retention rates.
  6. Scalability: Mobile collaboration tools can easily scale and integrate with different tools for business adaptation—especially with enterprise application integration software. Whether expanding operations or adding new remote employees, these tools can adapt to support increased collaboration and maintain productivity levels.

Types of mobile collaboration tools to help improve productivity

There are a wealth of options out there when it comes to mobile collaboration tools. You’ll find tools that can help you with any kind of collaborative process.

You can find general mobile collaboration tools that exist mainly for real-time communication. They allow for real-time document collaboration, file sharing, project management, shared work scheduling, calls, conferences, and messaging. 

There is also a huge variety of more specialized tools, especially considering the possibility of AI integration. For instance, an AI call center software not only removes the administrative burden of data-logging, it can provide analysis of call data and discover key customer insights, too.

Here are the main types of mobile collaboration tools you should know about.

Messaging apps

Messaging apps serve as the central nervous system of any online collaborative workforce. These virtual communication hubs facilitate real-time discussions, one-on-ones, group chats, improved transparency, and faster decision-making within online teams.

These applications offer online teams a wealth of choices for cohesive communication. They actively encourage and foster collaboration. They also help to keep things organized. Users can create dedicated channels for different projects, ensuring relevant information is easily accessible to the right team members. 

Our top tip for these tools: Consider incorporating integrations such as project management software, CRM platforms, and calendars. 

With these additions, a simple messaging app can create a streamlined workflow with information accessible to all relevant team members. For instance, you could schedule your compliance audit and attach a file with the compliance audit definition and other necessary info.

Project management tools

Proper project management tools can revolutionize the way teams coordinate and execute tasks. For any business with large numbers of remote workers, project management tools are fundamental to online collaboration.

These platforms provide online teams with a centralized nexus for project collaboration. Here, they can set goals, organize business strategies, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress toward their business goals.

These are fantastic tools for businesses that need to run interdependent projects that require collaboration between different departments. Available features are e.g. task lists, kanban boards, and timelines. Therefore, these tools greatly improve workflow management, ensure project deadlines are met efficiently, and boost productivity. 

One great feature is task dependencies, which allow you to sequence tasks logically. This lets different teams identify critical areas to prioritize their efforts. When regularly monitored, it also allows managerial staff to identify bottlenecks in their business operations.

Cloud storage solutions

Cloud storage solutions are a critical part of mobile collaboration. Easily accessible, searchable documents are a huge productivity hack for online collaboration. 

When implemented effectively, it not only allows team members to access files and documents anywhere, any time, it can effectively arrange and sort files. This allows for easy, intuitive access. Even more importantly, these tools have very strong protections in place, so they allow team members to access files securely.

Cloud storage can be one of the most under-utilized mobile collaboration tools, as online teams rarely implement effective practices when it comes to file management. Be sure to practice consistent naming conventions, folder structure, and metadata tagging to enhance searchability and accessibility.

Video conferencing platforms

Video conferencing platforms have been around for a while, but, in recent years, there have been developments in what these tools are capable of.

Their primary function is to facilitate video calls, virtual meetings, conferences, and webinars.  The importance of face-to-face interaction in remote collaboration cannot be overstated and these tools allow engagement and collaboration regardless of geographical barriers. 

Within these meetings, users can use rich features like screen-sharing, virtual backgrounds, and breakout rooms. This is particularly handy when it comes to webinars. The ability to share infographics and graphs or create discussion groups with the breakout room feature is a fantastic way to boost engagement among webinar audiences.

Mobile collaboration tools
Online meetings are an important feature for remote workers to stay in contact with their teams.

Document collaboration software

Document collaboration software allows dispersed teams to work on the same document at the same time. It is essential for businesses that rely on synchronous online collaboration.

The tools enable multiple users to edit documents simultaneously, leave comments for one another, and manage devices remotely. Team members can collaborate on documents asynchronously, leaving comments for one another on the doc. Even better, they can collaborate synchronously, providing real-time feedback and making edits simultaneously. 

One great feature common to these tools is the option to track changes. This can be useful when you have multiple members working on the same document, as it allows you to note team members’ contributions and return to earlier versions of edited documents.

Unlock the potential of online collaboration with smartphones

As remote work becomes more prevalent and global teams increasingly collaborate across borders, optimizing for mobile collaboration is not just beneficial—it’s imperative. In 2024, new work and the smartphone will come to be inseparable. Mobile collaboration tools have emerged as indispensable assets for businesses striving to achieve the full potential of online collaboration. 

If you miss out on the boost that mobile collaboration tools can give to your business, you will be left behind. Embracing mobile collaboration tools isn’t just about staying relevant; it’s about propelling your business forward.  Explore these tools today and unlock the full potential of your team’s collaboration efforts.

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