Which devices does Everphone offer?

Which smartphones/tablets can I rent from Everphone?

Within the framework of our classic rental model and also extended to “choose your own device“, we generally recommend our standard portfolio. For special usage scenarios, other devices may also be suitable, just contact us.

Modell-Auswahl Firmenhandys


We offer Apple’s current iPhone models as well as most previous versions of iOS devices still in use.


For Android devices, we focus mainly on well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Google. We also offer the sustainably produced “Fairphone”.

From Samsung we offer the current flagship models of the Galaxy class as well as models with a particularly favorable price-performance ratio.

Related FAQs

How does choosing a refurbished device/extending my rental lower the environmental impact?

The benefits of longer usage and refurbished devices in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions, water usage and the usage of raw materials.

Why should I extend my rent?

Extending your rental to 36 months makes it more sustainable.

How sustainable is the Everphone service and what is its impact on my carbon footprint?

At Everphone, we do our best to provide a sustainable service for mobile device use.

Can employees buy equipment from terminated rentals?

Yes, they can.

How much is the device exchange?

Replacement devices are free of charge in the event of a defect.

What happens with the returned devices?

Most of them are being refurbished and reused.

What else do you want to know?

If you haven’t found the answer to your questions, just ask us directly via this form.
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