Vodafone business mobile plans simplified

Depending on your organization's size, a Vodafone business mobile plan may be the optimal solution for your company’s mobile users, depending on their needs and requirements.
vodafone business customers mobile plans
vodafone business customers mobile plans
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Vodafone business plans and “device as a service”

Procuring mobile devices for your employees can be complicated, including high acquisition costs, unplanned repair, mobile plan costs, and difficult device management processes.

Fortunately, mobile phone providers such as Vodafone also offer so-called “bundles” of the smartphone combined with a phone plan. This way, customers get both the hardware and the tariff from one hand.

However, in many cases B2B customers have overall more flexibility when opting for a “SIM only” phone plan which is not including the device. Why? These plans can be booked for shorter periods and are often available at lower preices – even when you deduct the monthly subsidy for the phone.

Telecom Expense Management and SIM-only Vodafone plans

Here at Everphone, we focus on providing a hassle-free process with an all-inclusive solution for any business. By renting mobile business devices, Everphone offers the procurement of smartphones, repairs and replacements without any hidden costs. At the same time, your organization will benefit from the opportunity to go for SIM only phone plans, which helps a lot in keeping TEM (telecom expense management) costs low. Naturally, we’ll also help you find the business phone plan that is right for you.

Everphone’s B2B tariff support ensures that the best mobile business tariffs are found for your business needs from major mobile networks like Vodafone, T Mobile, Verizon and similar. This enables your business to cut out the time and effort of searching for the perfect mobile plan.

Vodafone’s business mobile plans are designed to align with your organization’s size and mobile connectivity requirements. Vodafone business mobile plans are versatile so that Everphone can arrange a plan that suits what your business and employees need to fulfill corporate digital duties.

vodafone business customers mobile plans

Vodafone business offers

Employees use mobile devices for their corporate duties in our current business sector. Business employees use their mobile business devices to send emails, important documents, communicate with customers, and send feedback to their team members.

Remote working has been on the rise in the last few years, and it’s become a requirement for employees to stay connected while on the go. Thus, mobile plans are a vital part of a business to optimize its business operations.

A successful business requires staying connected with employees in teams and customers to communicate in the digital sector effectively. Fortunately, Everphone provides your business with endless opportunities to obtain a convenient mobile plan for your budget and your employees.

Vodafone’s business mobile plans offer your employee’s the connectivity and services they need to complete their daily corporate responsibilities and stay in touch with customers and colleagues.

Vodafone has designed its tariffs so that your business only pays for what it needs to operate across the workspace efficiently. Whether your employees need call time, free messaging, or mobile data, Vodafone offers plans where you only pay for what you use.

Each mobile plan is uniquely created for different organization sizes and service needs so that your business can optimize its mobile use. Vodafone’s flexible approach to business mobile plans reduces unnecessary incurred fees while providing unlimited continuous connectivity for all employees to complete their jobs. A good phone plan can also be a nice employee benefit.

Vodafone’s business customer tariffs

By partnering with leading mobile network operators, Everphone reduces costs and minimizes the procurement process for business mobile plans. We will ensure that we find the mobile plan that covers all the essential services and features for your business operations and employee duties while remaining within your business budget.

Vodafone’s customer business tariffs are proudly flexible and adaptable to lower service provider costs while giving you the necessary connectivity to operate your business successfully.

The tariffs are based on providing tailorable plans to suit the call time, messaging, and connectivity your business requires for each employee. Plus, you have the opportunity to change your business mobile plan at any time if you need less or more from the plan.

Benefits of Vodafone’s business tariffs

  • Fixed costs that align with your budget.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Adjustable services to suit your business operations.
  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Everphone’s tariff support takes care of everything, saving you time.
  • Freedom to control the costs with flexible mobile plans.

Final thoughts

In sum, to keep your employees connected and your business operations running smoothly, mobile plans are a necessary factor for most businesses. Everphone doesn’t only simplify the procurement process of mobile devices through our Phone as a Service package but also eliminates the lengthy process of obtaining the ideal mobile plan for your organization’s size and service needs. Take a look at our company mobile phone comparison to see how easy it can be to get the right devices for your budget.

Everphone has partnered with Vodafone, T-Mobile and other leading mobile service providers in Germany, to give you the freedom to control the costs and services by providing low business mobile plan tariffs and the flexibility to adjust services according to your requirements. Just contact us for your options in the UK, US and other countries.

Talk to our expert team to get more info and a non-binding quote.


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