Employee benefits: does a company phone help?

Most employees are using one mobile device for both personal and work reasons. This may be seen as a negative aspect for an employee because how do you separate business from your personal life? When renting a work phone, Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) can benefit both employers and employees because it reduces expenses, allows employees to choose their own mobile brand, and keeps work and private mobile uses 100% separate.

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Most employees are using one mobile device for both personal and work reasons. This may be seen as a negative aspect for an employee: How do you separate business from your personal life? When renting a work phone, Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) can benefit both employers and employees. It reduces expenses, allows employees to choose their own mobile brand, and keeps work and private mobile uses 100 per cent separate.

Employer branding: How integral are mobile devices in your business?

In the current digital corporate sphere, many of your business operations are conducted via mobile devices and tablets. Thus, your company’s culture relies heavily on the digital communication and data channels you use to make your employees’ work experience straightforward.

Outdated phone models, unfamiliar operating systems, and the need to use a second phone for personal use are a few reasons that can lead to frustrated and unmotivated employees.

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You want to boost productivity and motivation within the workplace, whether remote or not? Help them procure suitable work phones with excellent operating systems. In addition, allowing employees to use one device for both their work and personal lives will greatly reduce expenses for both the business and employee.

In turn, investing in Device as a Service (DaaS) will allow your company’s culture to embrace digitized operations and communications. This will create a digital network of effortless communication and work duties while still protecting sensitive work data.

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Choose your own device benefits for employees

Device as a Service” (DaaS) allows your company to rent work phones. “Choose your own Device” means, that the employees can decide for themselves which model they want to use. They can even participate in the costs for premium devices such as an iPhone Pro Max.

The major benefit: employees can work with the operating systems they are familiar with. Plus, this falls within your company’s budget and technical requirements. And if they want to upgrade, an employee has the option to co-pay.


Android or iPhone? Let the users decide. 

By renting work phones from Everphone, you and the employee can choose a high-quality smartphone that is significantly lower in costs than if it were purchased privately. As part of the CYOD offer, employees receive a new device for any defects or damages without paying a fee.

The ultimate employee benefit is that they can enjoy their mobile device’s private use without the business having any access to their personal internet, applications, or messages. At the same time, the business is assured that it’s professional assets are secure and protected by the necessary measures.

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Privacy benefit for employees

The unfortunate downside of using one mobile device for both work and personal use is the security risk for the company and an employee’s privacy of their personal data.

On the one hand, enterprises are legally not allowed to access an employee’s private data. This means that they cannot fully or centrally control the business data on each employee’s phone. On the other hand, employees want to ensure that their private information doesn’t get accessed by their employees or company.

Data separation via MDM: Another benefit

Fortunately, each Everphone device comes with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software which keeps your work and personal apps separate in two dedicated digital spaces.

Everphone either integrates the device management software your organization might already use, or provides you with MDM licenses at a fair price. Thus, an enterprise can centrally update and distribute data on every registered phone of all employees, and employees can freely use their personal apps without worrying about their data being accessed.

The dual security for both the enterprise and the employee ensures that all personal data is protected by law and all business information is encrypted and protected from data breaches or leaks.

In addition, if a phone is lost or stolen, the business can delete all business information from the dedicated space so that there is no risk of data breaches. For employees, you can instantly swap between the work and personal digital spaces to access apps.

Staff benefits: Reduced cost

Using one device for both business and personal reasons, employees don’t have to purchase or sign a contract with a phone provider for a personal phone. Employees also benefit from choosing their own device and upgrading with a minimal co-payment for their desired smartphone.

Staff benefits: Customization

Employees can enjoy the freedom to customize their mobile devices according to their business and personal requirements.

  • Upgrade smartphones for a better model with an optional co-payment.
  • Decide between Android or iOS for your specific operational needs.
  • Enjoy the personal use of the device with MDM software.
  • Access your phone’s work and personal spaces within a few minutes after the roll-out.
  • Defective or damaged device? Receive an instant replacement.

Employee benefits: Final thoughts

Employee benefits are necessary for mobile devices because it’s something they use every day for work duties and business operations. For productive employees, they need to be happy about the digital devices they use to fulfill their roles.

Choose Your Own Device offers your employees many benefits from choosing their own desired device, enjoying a separated digital space for personal and business apps, and more customizations.

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