Buying digital gifts for Christmas

What shall I buy as a digital gift for Christmas to surprise my work colleagues? Where can I find the best digital gifts for Christmas? Is it acceptable to buy mobile apps as Christmas gifts? Read this article to find out why buying digital gifts for Christmas is trending this year!

digital christmas gifts
digital christmas gifts
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What shall I buy as a digital gift for Christmas to surprise my work colleagues? Where can I find the best digital gifts for Christmas? Is it acceptable to buy mobile apps as Christmas gifts? Read this article to find out why buying digital gifts for Christmas is trending this year!

digital christmas gifts
Why are mobile apps great as a Christmas gift this year?

Well, in the era of crises, every gift given from the heart is appreciated, not just when we talk about digital gifts for Christmas. It’s the thought that matters. It’s not a cliche. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive gifts, nor is it the point of Christmas to compete with exceeding one’s budget for buying expensive gifts.

Before enlisting which digital gifts are appropriate for Christmas, let’s first discuss why it’s okay to buy such gifts at all. We are all aware that this pandemic situation has shifted almost all our activities into the digital area. Those who can work remotely and even study and attend conferences via their digital devices.

We buy all kinds of stuff online, book our holidays, and order our food and meals online. Being digital to some people is like breathing. That’s why more and more people like to get digital gifts to surprise friends, family and even work colleagues for Christmas.

What we as a buyer can do when choosing the best gift for someone, especially if it’s about our coworkers or employees. Choose a gift that they will benefit from, whether you choose from the most popular mobile apps, subscriptions for online streaming services, magazines, video games, apps for being fit, music apps, apps for learning new skills, vouchers for various shops, etc., you should always keep in mind the interests of your coworker or employees. It’s the same thing when you buy a T-shirt as a gift. You like it, but will your friend wear it?

Which digital gifts are acceptable as Christmas gifts

The choice of digital gifts for Christmas is endless as we noticed in the previous part of the article. However, we will discuss the most popular apps as digital gifts for Christmas in case you still have some doubts about what to buy as a Christmas gift.

When you open the app store on your mobile phone, be it Android, iOS or Windows, there is a sea of apps you can download and use. Even though the most popular apps are free of charge, some of them include additional features for which you need to pay. Here is where we can step up as working colleagues or employers. All we have to do is to listen attentively to find out which mobile app or subscription they want so that you can get them as a Christmas gift.

In cases where you aren’t sure whether there is an app your coworkers or employees want, you should think of an app as a benefit for your coworkers or employees. It will be a lot easier for you to find an app as a Christmas gift when you look at the available apps from that point of view. Moreover, buying digital gifts for Christmas can be more affordable than some non-digital gifts.

You can choose apps for learning a new language, for a new online course (be it work-related, starting a new hobby, or a new skill), or a subscription for the apps your coworker uses, such as Netflix, Spotify, Audible, etc.

Besides the mobile apps, you can choose from vouchers for digital books, magazines, various shops, restaurants, and food markets. Another option is various subscriptions to online stuff, from video games to master classes. It has to be something that will facilitate the everyday routines of your coworker or even make them better. All you need to keep in mind is the interests of your coworkers.

A list of the most popular apps & subscriptions as digital gifts for Christmas

Firstly, we aren’t advertising any of these mentioned apps. They are just used as an example.To put it shortly, here is our list of what we consider appropriate for buying as digitals gifts for Christmas:

  • Subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, and online libraries
  • Digital gift card for Christmas at
  • Subscription at online learning platforms (MasterClass, FutureLearn, Coursera, Babbel, etc.)
  • Streaming subscriptions (Netflix, Disney, HBO, Criterion, etc.)
  • Music Apps subscriptions (Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz)
  • Shop Cards (Amazon Prime, any shop with virtual voucher available)
  • Online Voucher for games (Xbox, PS, Nintendo Switch)
  • Apps for fitness and home training ( MyFitnessPal, BodBot, etc.)
  • Vouchers for digital food ordering and restaurants
  • Online services for work phones and maintenance
  • A set of apps for better mindfulness
  • Rent a new phone for work options

Work-oriented digital gifts for Christmas

If you are looking for more work-oriented things, you can look for services that rent work phones and deal with maintaining work phones, especially if you are an employer and searching for gifts for your employees. Having a well-maintained work phone and a service that deals with that makes it easier for you to focus on your primary work duties. Giving a qualitative work phone as a gift really shows that you care about your employees.

We, at Everphone, make it easier for employers to choose digital gifts for Christmas among the sea of the most popular mobile apps. Employers can find mobile apps in a package called benefit apps because that’s how we, at Everphone, treat our phones. Nothing is different for mobile apps. Qualitative apps are for sure apps as benefits for your employees.

In this bundle of apps, you can find apps such as ᐩBabbel (for learning a new language), Blinkist (books summaries, insights, and audiobooks), Gymondo (Fitness, Yoga & Nutrition), NeuroNation (brain training), Fastic (intermittent fasting, diet), and 7Mind (meditation, sleep tracking and mindfulness). However, it would help if you always listen to your coworkers or employees about what they want, but take care that you don’t exceed your budget.

Besides all of this, it may sound like an unusual digital gift for your employees, but let’s consider these options as digital gifts for Christmas. It’s about phone renting and mobile services for work phones. Here, at Everphone, you can find these offers. Surprise your employees with a new work smartphone, or offer them Device as a Service subscription. The third solution you can give them is agreement for using a work phone for private purposes.


Regardless if Christmas is around the corner or months away, it’s always better to have several options in mind. The choice of digital gifts for Christmas is endless, whether buying them for your family, friends, or coworkers or even buying gifts as an employer to employees. One must always keep within the budget, but there are options for every budget. Digital gifts for Christmas aren’t something to avoid. We live in the digital era, and we are all glued to the screens. Moreover, they can be even more useful than non-digital gifts. Be it an app, a subscription, or a voucher for online shopping or learning, always consider the interests of the person you’re buying the gift for.

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