Company tablets: To rent or not to rent?

Companies want to be able to offer their employees the latest in tablet technology. You can do this by buying them outright, leasing them, or renting the tablets. In terms of value for money, security, and maintenance, tablet renting comes out top. Here’s why.
Tablets leihen | iPads leihen | Everphone
Tablets leihen | iPads leihen | Everphone
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How does tablet rental work?

Buying the newest tablets and equipping them with the right productivity apps and business-specific tools is expensive. Upgrading these devices once new models are released, means that these high payouts are regular. Renting your tablets and devices, however, keeps costs in check.

The tablet rental service offered by Everphone should not be confused with tablet leasing. Device leasing companies may lease you the latest tablets, with the option of buying them outright at the end of the lease, but as soon as problems arise and repairs are needed, you are often expected to foot the bill. Ongoing charges are also likely to be higher because your lease must cover the value of the devices you’re using.

Rent tablets | iPad rentals

Tablet rental works slightly differently. If you rent your devices, you pay a set service cost that includes all replacements, repairs, and distribution. As we maintain ownership of the devices, those responsibilities stay with us. This also gives you the option of upgrading your devices as new models are released without paying the full cost of buying an entirely new set of devices.

Should I buy or rent company tablets?

As we have just briefly touched on, renting tablets offers you a range of benefits that you simply cannot experience when buying. For businesses that don’t want to get bogged down with out-of-date devices within a few years, renting is the only viable solution unless you have money to burn. But, updated tech and/or software are not the only benefits to renting your devices.

Benefits of renting iPads, Galaxy Tabs, and more

We can only speak for ourselves regarding the benefits of tablet rental; but, that means that when renting devices through Everphone you are guaranteed:

  • Quick replacement of faulty devices
  • Upfront contracts with no hidden costs
  • No high initial purchase price
  • Less intensive work for your IT and procurement teams
  • Greater choice for your employees
  • Better recruitment perks to offer new employees
  • Devices that can be used for private use as well as business
  • Mobile Device Management software, which affords you extra security and protects company data

Company iPads, whether rented or not, are best managed with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) software

Where can I borrow tablets?

The notion of device-as-a-service isn’t very common, so your options for renting your tablets and other devices are limited. At Everphone, we guide you through the nuances of the process from the very first enquiry, demonstrating how the logistics chain works and at what point your IT team and procurement team will be involved.

However, we pride ourselves on how thoroughly we manage the rental process for you. Once the initial tablet choices have been made, we handle distribution directly with your employees. Your IT team simply monitors the process via our online portal. It is for this reason that renting your tablets from us is not considered just a ‘product,’ it is a full service.

How much does tablet rental cost?

A full, exhaustive quote, with no hidden costs, will be put together after we have established your specific business requirements. Costs are transparent at all times, no matter how simple or complex your quote needs to be.

Businesses that use our device rental service report a 30% reduction in device procurement costs. This is because we will only ever charge you for the devices that are actually being used. As soon as an employee leaves your company, the contract attached to their devices is cancelled and the hardware is retrieved. This means that you will never pay over the odds.

You can get a non-binding quote for tablet renting here.

Renting tablets from Everphone

At Everphone, we know how important a good choice of devices is to productivity. For this reason, we always offer a range of:

  • iPads
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablets

But, we don’t make you choose between iOS and Android; instead, you can create a plan that works for you and plays to your employees’ strengths. Many will be more familiar with one type of device than the other, so you can offer the right person the right tablet and build an inventory that accommodates a range of devices.

Tablet repairs and replacement

Accidents happen. We know how true this is, and we know it’s an unavoidable part of issuing company devices. But we also believe that building workable contingency plans into our device rental contracts is therefore crucial.

For this reason, we make sure that your employees have access to replacement devices and repair services exactly when they need them. In fact, we offer:

  • Replacement devices delivered within 24 hours of reporting
  • Device vending machines to provide everything from chargers to tablets on site
  • A sustainable circular economy, which sees faulty devices wiped, repaired, and entered back into circulation

Complicated liability clauses should now be a thing of the past. Instead, your employee device User Agreements are replaced by our black-and-white promise to keep your devices up and running with minimal downtime.

BYOD risks vs. tablet rental

You may have considered a ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device’ model for your company devices. On paper, this is a viable option: employees can simply integrate their own phones and tablets into the company system through the use of Mobile Device Management software. This means they can continue using devices they know and enjoy using, and there is no disruption as devices are rolled out.

However, BYOD comes with significant risks. The less control your IT department has over the devices in circulation, the more risk this poses to your company’s data and systems. If your IT team has no control over the device in question, not even with MDM software, this is known as Dark BYOD, and poses the biggest risks of all.

Device users may…

  • Visit unsafe websites
  • Download infected apps or files
  • Skip or delay important system updates
  • Accidentally leak important company information
  • Have their personal information processed by company systems, which violates GDPR

For the reasons listed above, we don’t recommend BYOD. Instead, we advocate device rental plans because of the extra security and control they can offer you. One of the best methods of combatting the risks listed above with company devices is by implementing MDM software.

Renting tablets with MDM software

As standard, Everphone includes an effective, efficient, and highly secure MDM software solution with every device rental plan. Mobile Device Management provides a means of monitoring company device usage, protecting company and user data, and keeping on top of inventory and repairs.

Learn more here:

What does MDM software provide?

With MDM software, companies benefit from:

  • A central online hub that shows stats and usage data from every device in circulation
  • A modified user experience on the device that keeps personal and work use separate
  • Protection of user data from GDPR violations when using company apps
  • Regular roll-outs of new updates and downloads across company devices, initiated from the central hub
  • Easy repair and replacement requests sent directly to Everphone
  • Instant company data deletion after an employee’s contract has been terminated

If you already have an MDM system in place, it is also possible to integrate this with Everphone device rental.

To find out more about tablet rental and how it could benefit your business, get in touch with one of the Everphone experts. We can put together a tailor-made, non-binding quote that reflects your company’s individual needs and the device preferences of your employees. We’ll be able to offer a recommendation of the tablets to meet your company’s needs.

Talk to our expert team to get more info and a non-binding quote.


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